Issue 4

Andrés Vaccari was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and migrated to Australia at the age of 18. He washed dishes, worked for Rupert Murdoch, edited a magazine (Abaddon: A Journal of the Imaginary, 1999-2003), published a handful of short stories in anthologies and magazines such as Overland. He self-published a novel (Robotomy, 1997), and freelanced as a book reviewer for The Australian, The Sunday Telegraph and The Sydney Morning Herald, among other places. He taught media and cultural studies at Swinburne University and the University of Canberra, and received his PhD in philosophy from Macquarie University, with a thesis on the links between Descartes’ biological mechanicism and posthumanism. He currently lives in Argentine Patagonia, as a full-time Researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) on topics such as philosophy of technology, posthumanism, and the philosophy of Gilbert Simondon.

Joe Taylor recently published Pineapple, a novel in rhyming quatrains. He is the director of Livingston Press. This unpublished story is from a collection in progress entitled Child’s Play. He has a novel entitled The Theoretics of Love forthcoming next year.

B. W. Jackson is a writer based in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State. His story “Write and Wrong” appeared this year in the Medusa’s Laugh Press anthology “Twisted.” His piece “Unfeeling Woman” will feature in the July edition of Cloudbank magazine.

Issue 3

Kathryn Kopple works in Spanish and English. She has published poetry, prose, and essays in journals in the United States and abroad. Her publications include: The Threepenny Review, The Bellevue Literary Review, and (most recently) The Shell Game, Writers Play with Borrowed Forms (ed. Kim Adrian, U of Nebraska Press). She lives and works in the Philadelphia area.

Kate Roos is a social activist, anthropologist, retired mediator, grandmother, and in love with life. She lives in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.

James Roderick Burns is a writer whose short-form collections are published by Modern English Tanka Press. His translations of Baudelaire’s collected prose poems will appear later in 2018 as ‘Paris Bile’. He lives and works in Edinburgh.

Sidura Ludwig is a writer living in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Her novel HOLDING MY BREATH was published in 2007 in Canada, the US and the UK. She was most recently a finalist in the 2017 Little Bird Writing Contest. Her work has appeared in Canadian and British publications, as well as on CBC Radio.

Issue 2

Giles Selig (a pseudonym) writes anonymously in Rhinebeck, NY. His short fiction and poetry have been published in various print and on-line literary journals, including Chronogram, Pilcrow & Dagger, Medium, Made-Up Words, Laughing Earth Lit, Henry, and Edna. He is a retired advertising/communications executive.

Issue 1

Nancy Gold lives and works on the south shore of Lake Superior. She is currently working on a series of essays about traumatic brain injury. Her writing has appeared in Edify, The Quiet Circle, Swamp Ape Review, Moon city Review, A cappella Zoo, and other journals.

Doug Van Hooser is a Chicago playwright active at Three Cat Productions and Chicago Dramatists Theatre. His fiction can be found in The Riding Light Review, Crack the Spine, Intrinsick, and Red Earth Review. His poetry has appeared in Poetry Quarterly, Gravel, Chariton Review, and Black Fox Literary Magazine.