Current Issue

Issue 7: January 15 2019

Light and Dark Cover (7).jpgCover Art by Abigail Bonnanzio


Fireworks – Tommy Vollman

I’m not sure if the sky really is higher during the summer or if it just feels that way. There’s probably an explanation for it. Maybe it’s an optical illusion. Or maybe it has something to do with the tilt of the earth or the position of the sun and the lengthened days. But I don’t care much for explanations; I’m more about feelings. And the feeling I get beneath a high, summer sky—a big, blue sky—is one of endless possibility. It’s as if anything can happen. Anything.


The Fall of Achilles – Fiona Chai

So tell me why you’re here today.

You know why. I guess you don’t. You heard the rumors, maybe, no? It was in the news. I guess there’s a lot of news.

I guess the first thing you should know is his name, which- or do you care about my childhood? Haha, like the movies- I lay on your couch and tell you awful things about how I grew up bullied, or whatever. It’s a small backwater town, the place we eventually settled down in. Everyone’s a little- I mean, it’s not like here, in the city. It’s a whole thing there, if you’re gay. That’s why he was such a big deal. He just… didn’t care.