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Issue 4: July 15, 2018

Issue 4 Cover (1)
Cover Art by Abigail Bonnanzio


Till Death Us Do Part – B.W. Jackson

A warm summer breeze blew through the kitchen window, rustling the plastic blinds. Jeanette stood with her hands behind her back, squinting in the afternoon sun. Her paunch protruded through her floral dress. On the street, two officers in sunglasses were leaning up against a patrol car, one of them jotting something down on a notepad. An ambulance pulled away from the curb and disappeared behind the leafy trees.


A Most Practical Imperative – Joe Taylor

“Peter! Peter Rabbit! How long it has been!”

The old gentleman calling this out was from either Romania or Rome, so what he said really sounded more like “Pay-ter! Pay-ter Rha-beet! Hu longue eet hath bane!” But to keep things simple and move the interesting facts along, I’ll transcribe for you.

“Peter! Peter Rabbit! How long it’s been!”


“The Consortium must die,” the suicide ghost said – Andres Vaccari

They’ve surely done a good job on the ghost.

“Just look at it, Roop, like a million bucks!” Fred Thunder turns in the plushy seat to face the ghost and wince his famous wince. “The suit must’ve set them back two grand—what is it, Guccee? How are they so well-funded?”